Lawmakers supported by Commonwealth Children’s Choice Fund champion education reform!

In 2020, opponents of school choice spent nearly $5 million trying to defeat Sen. Scott Martin and Rep. Andrew Lewis, both of whom are dedicated school choice champions.

Commonwealth Children’s Choice Fund invested more than $500,000 into Martin’s and Lewis’s campaigns. Despite being heavily outspent, both won re-election.

In 2021, Sen. Martin and Rep. Lewis spearheaded the most transformative educational opportunity efforts ever proposed in the Legislature.

Taken together, their bills would:

  • Create education opportunity accounts to ensure Pennsylvania students can access the educational services they need
  • Lift arbitrary caps on tax credit scholarship programs, allowing the programs to expand immediately and automatically each year as demand increases
  • Fully acknowledge public charter schools as equal public education options
  • Empower parents—regardless of their zip code—to choose the educational opportunities that will best prepare their children for success

See Sen. Martin’s bill here and Rep. Lewis’s bill here.

Sen. Scott Martin represents Senate District 13 in Lancaster County

Photo of Rep. Andrew Lewis

Rep. Andrew Lewis represents House District 105 in Dauphin County